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Auto Meter
Auto Meter is an American owned and operated company and are considered America's No. 1 racing instrument manufacturer. Since their beginning in 1957, they have devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources into maintaining a strong leadership role. They are serious about manufacturing the absolute best instruments in the automotive aftermarket. TECH SECTION

1994 Subaru Legacy Project

Visit our tech section for a new interesting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) document on our 1994 Subaru Legacy project. TECH SECTION
 By Luc Dupont, Professional Car Audio Installer
High wattage car audio system
When installing more than about 600W of amps, consider using a capacitor to reduce the stress on your battery, and allow for a quicker flow of electricity to your amplifier setup. The capacitor is fed directly from your battery and powers your amp setup. Note that it's suggested you ground the capacitor at the same point as the amp setup. FULL PRODUCT LINE...
Question: How do I let you know I want the free t-shirt (100$+ orders)?
Answer: All orders automatically receive the t-shirt unless you specify not to send one. We contact every client eligible for a free t-shirt for you to specify the desired size and make sure the size is still in stock.

Note that the t-shirt sizes are American sizes, which are larger than Canadian sizes. provides you with more quick answers to common questions.
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Jean-Pierre Xenopoulos & Jean-René Auger
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The Will to Win. It's much more than a slogan. It compels Eibach to make the world's best springs, dampers, anti-roll bars and other suspension components.


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