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Online Tools

Exhaust Wrap Calculator

Pipe O.D. size
in inches
(ex. 2.5)

Length of Pipe
in feet
(ex. 3)

Wrap Width
in inches
(ex. 2)

in inches
(ex. 0.25)

Minimum Suggested Length (feet):*
* Length is an estimate and does not account for bends in the pipe.

Rear Wheel Horsepower

Input the Weight and 1/4 mile Trap speed of your vehicle.
Our Calculator will generate its rear wheel horsepower.

To convert from miles to km/h multiply MPH by 1,6 to get km/h, and divide km/h by 1,6 to get MPH.
NOTE: Decimal separation is with "." i.e. 95.5 km/h NOT 95,5 km/h.

Vehicle Weight
in pounds
(ex. 3000)

1/4 Mile
Trap Speed
in KM/H

Your Rear Wheel

E.T. Calculator

E.T. Calculator, You supply the Weight and Horsepower.
Our calculator will generate: The elapse time your vehicle should run
and its 1/4 trap speed.

Vehicle Weight
In Pounds

Rear Wheel

E.T. (sec.)

Trap Speed
in KM/H

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