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Car Modification > Car Care > P21S - Polishing Soap - White
P21S - Polishing Soap - White
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Item: PSC15300P
Color: White
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P21S - Polishing Soap
It has long been believed that harsh chemicals were necessary to remove tarnish and rust. That myth has just been busted by P21S with the introduction of their P21S Polishing Soap, the first and best metal polish in the form of a pleasant-smelling, non-toxic soap.

Instructions for Use:
P21S is the perfect polish to maintain that high-impact shine. Just wet the applicator sponge included with P21S and drag it across the surface of the white cake. Squeeze the sponge to create a rich lather and rub onto the metal surface. P21S Polishing Soap doesn't require a lot of pressure; it does most of the work for you. When you've finished polishing, rinse with water. Tarnish, rust, and filth will literally vanish.

Your wheels and metal trim will look even better than new without scrubbing and without a pile of dirty towels. Just rinse out your sponge and let it dry before putting it back in the container.

P21S Polishing Soap is recommended for exhaust pipes, handlebars, headers, spokes, forks, polished wheels, polished casings, and exhaust tips. All the metal on your vehicle will sparkle!

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