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Car Modification > Car Care > 303 Products - 303 Aerospace Protectant 237ml - Liquid
303 Products - 303 Aerospace Protectant 237ml - Liquid
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Item: TT130330
Color: Liquid
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303 Products - 303 Aerospace Protectant 237ml
Has a virtually unlimited range of applications. Not only is 303 the most effective UV screening treatment known, but it also imparts several other desirable characteristics: Surfaces resist soiling and clean up much easier when finally soiled; 303 treated surfaces are anti-static and repel dirt, dust, sweat, oils and ink marks; it is immune to salt and salt water; Ice & Snow will not stick to or build up on a 303 treated surface; the 303 finish absorbs & deflects light abrasion which would normally result in light scratching; and there are optical enhancing properties on clear vinyls & other clear plastics. All of these benefits add up to greater service life, reduced maintenance and greater consumer satisfaction.

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