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Car Modification > Car Care > P21S - Wheel Cleaner Gel 5L Canister - Blue
P21S - Wheel Cleaner Gel 5L Canister - Blue
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Item: PSC10005G
Color: Blue
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P21S - Wheel Cleaner Gel 5L Canister
Yet another breakthrough in safe Wheel cleaning ! P21s Special performance Gel concentrate for heavily soiled wheels joins P21S regular Formula. Again its non acid ph controlled formula is surface safe for ANY type of wheel coating or finish, bare aluminium as well as any other automotive surface.

P21s Gel is based on a remarkable detergent technology that enables it to actually cling to the wheels surface for dramatically improved soil removal unmatched by ordinary wheel cleaners. In fact P21S Gel's cleaning power can actually be programmed by the user according to soil load. Spray on and allow to stand for up to two hours, then simply hose off.

P21s Gel is totally safe for any type of wheel coating.

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