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Car Modification > Tires > Nexen/Woosung - LT215/85R-16D - Black
Nexen/Woosung - LT215/85R-16D - Black
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Item: RadialAT4x4-LT215/85R-16D
Color: Black
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Nexen/Woosung - LT215/85R-16D
For the exclusive use of RV and SUV. Suitable for any road condition due to its rim protector and provides excellent ride comfort.

-High rigidity tire for the exclusive use of RV/SUV

-excellent running performance on rough roads due to its rim protector

-High running stability at high speed due to its straight groove

-Luxurious sidewall design suitable for any RV and SUV

-Noise minimization design of pattern provides comfortable running performance

-Equal grounding pressure distribution provides stable cornering performance and prevents from sbnormal wearing

-High rigidly Carcass design strong to shock, extension and contraction

-Low fuel expenses due to reduction of rotation resistanse

(rim not included)

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