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Car Modification > Projects > 2002 Acura RSX Type S > Fog Light repair/upgrade

Fog Light repair/upgrade:

Tools Used:
  • Metal saw with small toothed blade
  • Medium size flat head (-) screw driver
  • Knife
Products Used:
  • 0.093" thick Lexan transparent sheet
Using a knife, remove the glass lens and the silicone that held it in place. Clean it well.

Trace the fog light onto the Lexan.

Using the metal saw, cut a rectangle around the area traced, it will prove to be easier to work.

Use the saw to trim as close as possible to the traced line.

This is the finished product. You can use a file to adjust the piece for a perfect fit.

Test fit your new lens.

Be sure to expose the green filmed side to the sunlight to prevent discoloration.

This is the H11 bulb used in most RSX fog lights. They're difficult to find and expensive in the aftermarket world, so you might want to be careful with it.

Remove the protective films and assemble the fog light.

Lexan is much more resistant to impacts and is lighter than glass. As opposed to Plexiglass, Lexan won't fade to scratch as easily.

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