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Car Modification > Projects > Honda Civic SI Coupe 2000 > Performance Oil Change

Performance Oil Change:

Tools Used:
  • 17mm Ratchet
  • Funnel
  • Engine flush
Products Used:
When changing from organic motor oil to synthetic the first thing to do is
to flush the engine. Before commencing, make sure to know how many liters
you will require of the new oil. Having the right amount is VERY important. Too much is just as bad as not enough.

At any local automotive parts shop, purchase engine flush. With the engine
off, empty the contents of the engine flush solution into the engine (via
the oil cap).

Let the car sit for a couple of minutes, then turn engine for 2-3minutes.
Again turn off engine and proceed with the oil change.

Remove the oil plug located underneath the engine block using a 17mm ratchet and drain the oil.

Once the oil is completly drained, remove the old oil filter and replace it
with a new one. Something to consider when using synthetic is the use of a
performance oil filter, conceived for synthetic, such as K&N oil filters.

Put plug back in the engine block and fill engine with oil. As well, the
use of a funnel can make a messy job clean.
Check oil level using the dip stick and adjust amount accordingly. And once
all is done, celebrate with a little dance.

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