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Car Audio > Projects > 1998 Audi A4 > Rear Speaker Installation

Rear Speaker Installation:

To access the rear speakers, you must remove the rear deck.

Tools Used:
  • Medium size short neck Philips (+) screw driver
  • 1/2" ratchet
  • Soldering Iron (optional)
Products Used:
Remove the plastic cover on the baby seat retainer. It's a little tricky to remove, but patience and persistance will pay off, you don't want to damage it. Use the 1/2" ratchet to remove the baby seat retainer.
Lift the rear deck, watching for the clips.
Use the short neck screw driver to remove the speaker. Once again, Audi, why only two screws???

Remove the speaker and replace it with the new speaker set. Notice that the driver side rear speaker looks different. It's equiped with a Nokia cell phone output interface, used only by vehicles purchased with factory cell phone.
Use 12 gauge speaker wire to obtain good quality sound (important) with minimal loss. Solder the quick connect terminals to the speaker wire to ensure a good connection. This step can be disregarded if using stock speaker wires without the addition of an amplifier.
Reinstall the rear deck and baby seat retainer.

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