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Car Modification > Projects > 1993 Volkswagen Golf > Sub Amplifier

Sub Amplifier Installation:

Tools Used:
  • Medium size medium neck Philips (+) screw driver
  • VW radio removal tool
  • Clip removing tool
  • 1/2" metal screws (for mounting the amp)
Products Used:

The Volkswagon radio is snapped into the vehicles dash. With the proper tool, known as VW radio removal keys, the VW radio can be pulled forward out of the dash.

Connect the RCA cable to the headunit and fish it down towards the glove compartment.

In our case, a remote wire was already run to the back for the 4-channel amp.

Using a medium sized Philips screw driver, remove these two screws from the glove compartment.
Using a medium sized Philips screw driver, remove this screw from the glove compartment.

You can now run the RCA cable from the radio to the kick panel.
Using a medium sized Philips screw driver, remove this screw from the kick panel.

Continue to run the RCA cable.
Using the clip removing tool, gently pry the side panel. Note that space is tight when using thick RCA cables.

Continue to run the RCA cable.

Remove the rear seat (simply unclips). Run your RCA cable under the seat backing.

With the rear seat off, this is a good place to get your ground. Note that the gass tank is below this area, so don't drill through. Use an existing bolt, making sure it's a good ground.

The metal sheeting backing of the seats make for an excellent mounting position for the amp. Use 1/2" metal screws to mount.

We ran a wire from the components' amp for the remote signal.

This is another shot of the seat folded down. Make sur the wires have enough slack to allow it to fold down without putting stress on the connections.

We used black loom tube to group all the wires together and ensure a clean result.

Adjust the amp settings, starting at low volume and work your way up. A rule of thumb is that your gain shouldn't be higher than midway to avoid distortion.
Enjoy the sunrays and the bass!
Nice hat... Quite the AudioPipe statement.

Hey you back there: Are you supervising the installation?

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